Health benefits of Eating Lox

Interested in Knowing the Health benefits of Eating Lox?

Lox is basically a fillet of salmon that is brine cured and is often smoked. A part of Jewish cuisine, brined salmon is often eaten with a bagel and some cream cheese. Health benefits of eating lox include its anti-inflammatory properties that help the body in building and repairing tissues, making antibodies in the system and helps in lowering the level of homocysteine which reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Lox Nutritional Benefits
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A salmon is a fish with silver skin that has pink meat inside. And salmon can be brined using salt cure or sugar cure and then it is called a lox. Basically, Lox is a preserved salmon that may be preserved using salt or sugar and then smoked. Lox nutritional benefits are many. It is often cooked with garlic butter and lemon juice that enhances its nutritional value. Moreover it has a salty and smoky flavour due to brining and teamed with bagel bread and cream cheese, it only adds on to its taste.

Health Benefits of Eating Lox

Though Lox is a fatty fish, Health benefits of eating lox are numerous which we should understand below. 

  • Rich Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Human body is not capable of creating Omega-3 fatty acids hence we must include the same in our diet. What Omega-3 fatty Acids exactly does is that it helps lower blood pressure, reduces inflammation, improves the function of the arteries and helps lowering the probability of having cancer. Eating lox regularly is considered as significant as taking fish oil supplements.

  • Rich source of Protein

Protein is an essential ingredient of a healthy and balanced diet. It helps the body in repair of the tissues that wear and tear during small and big injuries. It is proteins that retain the muscle mass during aging. Also,proteins help in maintain the bone health. And health benefits of eating lox include all of this.

  • Antioxidants

Eating lox supplies the body with antioxidants that lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the bad cholesterol. It also helps to protect the brain and the nervous system from inflammation. It is also seen beneficial preventing skin damage and helps one look younger.

  • Rich Source of Vitamin B

Lox is rich in B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 and B12. All these vitamins together play a pivotal role in maintaining optimal health of our body. These all Vitamins help in retaining the health of DNA and also help the body convert food in energy.

  • An important source of Potassium

Potassium helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure and thus reduces the danger of stroke. Also, it reduces water retention.

  • Lox reduces the risk of heart disease

Consuming brined salmon or lox significantly reduces Omega-6 fatty acids and triglycerides which in turn help in reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Anti-Inflammatory properties

Inflammation is the underlying reason for many chronic ailments. Lox being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids considerably reduces the same helping the body in having a better flora within.

  • Rich in Selenium

Selenium is a particular mineral that is mostly found in soil and its traces are also found in a few foods like Lox. It is a trace mineral which means the human body requires very small quantities of the mineral. Selenium  is known to protect bone health and to improve thyroid function.

  • Helps on weight loss

Ever wondered how many calories is a slice of Lox ? A 30g Slice of smoked Lox contains merely 50-60 calories. It keeps the stomach full for long and thus helps in reducing weight and then maintaining it.

Now after going through so many health benefits of eating lox, let’s answer an obvious question, Is Lox safe to eat?

Usually lox is eaten with Bagels bad Cheese. So now there raises another question… is bagel and lox healthy to eat? Well, not all bagel are unhealthy. There are ones made with whole wheat and with sprinkled nut and seeds that are healthier. But primarily bagels are loaded with calories. So if ones looking for weight loss then skip having bagels.


Summarizing about the cons of eating lox, it is usually a very healthy food. But due to the fact that it is not cooked and only smoked may serve as a ground for microorganisms like Listeria to flourish which might cause food poisoning in some cases. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers also must avoid eating Lox.

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