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Essential Gym equipment you should buy for working out at Home

The current pandemic has been demanding too much of us and especially of those who made essential trips to the gym every day. And some of us relied too heavily on the gym machines, equipment, and the trainer to be able to do a worthwhile workout. Well if you’re one of us and the only thing you are left with at home are fresh pairs of newly bought active wear then this article is for you! We will help you guide through some of those essential gym equipment you need to own for the unforeseeable future of this pandemic.

Working out at home can be challenging and it’s not as easy as some people might presume. It’s another thing motivating yourself to go to the gym, some of you might visit the gym when you are leaving work, from there it’s just you and the machines and whatever the trainer tell you to do. But when you are at home all day, lazily surviving the work online then there is a lot of motivation required to actually get up and start a workout. 

Now imagine you have gathered that energy and are about to begin your workout but realize there are a lot of things you need but don’t have! That will definitely bring you down. However the below list of equipments we think you need are not so you can work out during the pandemic but they are also all those pieces of equipment that are every active person should own. These equipments can ensure a safe and proper workout whenever you need it. Better yet they can prove to be helpful for when you do go to the gym eventually. It is always advisable to carry as much as your own equipment as possible even after the pandemic is over. 

1. Active Wear

Active Wear

Now hear us out! We know that usually people ignore this and are fine usually working out in their old rugged clothes. And those who go to the gym regularly already probably own good quality active wear. However our purpose for including this in the list is because buying new active wear will give you that encouragement you need to start exercising at home. Not only are proper clothes for exercise designed to help you while you sweat those toxins away, they also help support your body in all the right places. You need good workout clothes if you want to perform your best. 

2. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Perhaps one of the most essential things and must be owned by every gym freak! Yoga mats have universal benefits. They help you with your floor exercises, yoga, meditation, aerobics and even training in sports like the martial arts. They help you from getting hurt when you’re doing floor exercises and also from slipping when you are holding those yoga postures. 

3. Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

The skipping rope is a magical piece of equipment. Just owning this will help you get a complete workout. To begin with, when you learn how to use a skipping rope you need to be focused. Your mind needs to communicate and coordinate with your body to be able to successfully use a skipping rope. This will be an excellent mental exercise and slowly you won’t even realize it but your mind will be working subconsciously preventing you from falling over! 

Furthermore skipping ropes allow you to get the entire body workout. It’s an excellent way of doing cardio, using the muscles of your entire body and getting that amazing blood circulation! So why wouldn’t you own a skipping rope is the question! 

4. Dumbbells 


These are obviously going to be number one for those crazy for weight lifting! Dumbbells are the portable weight trainers that you can easily carry around. They help with muscle training of the legs and arms. And there is a variety of ways in which these can be efficiently used.

5. Resistance Band

Resistance Band

Another extremely well thought of gym equipment! This is small elastic band that can help you make your core strong and even work on those muscles. Wear this around your thighs, lower legs and even ankles for that amazing lower body workout. You can even get a mean upper body workout if you wear this around your lower and upper arms. There are thousands of tutorials of how you can efficiently use this equipment for a satisfactory workout. 

6. Kettle Bell

Kettle Bell

For that extra challenge when you do a squat, the kettle bell is amazing for strengthening your core. It can be used in various cardio exercises and floor exercises. However we advise that you use this with precaution and only if you’re certain how to use it.

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