Drug Rehab Center in California

How to Find the Right Drug Rehab Center in California

If you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, whether it be drug addiction or alcoholism, there are drug rehabilitation center in California that can help you and your family overcome your issues with drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, if you have been diagnosed with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring conditions, many of these California rehabilitation programs have the professional staff and facilities to help you recover from addiction while also treating your mental health disorder or behavior problem.

Find the help you need today by searching through our rehab directory for a specific center in California or by giving us a call and speaking with one of our trained staff members. We are available 24/7 to help answer any questions you might have in regards to getting treatment in California.

Holistic Drug Rehab

Holistic medicine is increasing in popularity, and as California is considered a progressive state, there are drug rehab centers that focus on this philosophy. Holistic rehab centers have a different focus than the more traditional ones – they treat the mind, body, and spirit at the same time. The typical strategies used in holistic drug rehab centers in California include the following:

  • Use of therapeutic activities like yoga, aromatherapy, and meditation to manage opioid withdrawal symptoms and stress
  • Use of herbs and vitamins supplements rather than traditional medication
  • Group support sessions that rely on talk therapy
  • One-on-one sessions with a counselor to address the inner emotional issues related to addiction and the symptoms that directly relate to any spiritual discomfort
  • Use of cardiovascular activities to boost endorphins and create a natural high

Holistic rehab may not be suitable for all addictions – those suffering from severe physical withdrawal may be better suited to traditional medical treatment. This can be the case with certain drug addictions or simply addicts who have unique needs due to health issues or long-term addictions.

Luxury Rehab Centers

The most common treatment option that California is known for is luxury treatment. This is because of the media hype that surrounds celebrity drug treatment. However, these luxury rehab centers do not just cater to the rich and famous; they offer services to any drug addict who desires the amenities that they offer. Luxury drug treatment uses the same core treatment philosophies of any treatment facility, but it also provides many of the following services:

  • Accommodations that feel like a resort, rather than a medical setting
  • Spa facilities
  • Gym facilities and personal training sessions
  • Private chefs and/or personalized meal plans
  • Unique settings that focus on a relaxing atmosphere

While the above amenities that luxury treatment centers offer do not necessarily guarantee recovery any more than a standard rehab center, they can provide greater comfort to recovering addicts. Individuals who are used to a more luxurious lifestyle may feel more at home in this kind of setting

Why Go To California For Drug Rehabilitation

With over 840 miles of coastline that include a diversity of sandy beaches and picturesque rocky cliffs, California is a beautiful state to see first hand. The state has over 1.5 million acres of state parks and beaches. You can see the remarkably tall trees of the Redwood Forest in the North, escape the grind by visiting the serene desert of the Joshua Tree National Park in the East or sink your feet into the warm sand on the beaches of Southern California. Similarly, what better of a state is there to attend a drug rehabilitation center. Many of the state’s treatment facilities are located in some of these same geographical locations. They offer a calming and peaceful setting to stay focused and reflect while you or a loved one detoxifies and begins the recovery process.

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