side effects of arnica Montana pellets

Be informed about the Side effects of Arnica Montana Tablets

Arnica is an herb which is found mainly in Siberia and Central Europe. It is a flower plant which is used in medicine. Arnica Montana is a homeopathic remedy that acts as a relief agent for vital pains. The preparation of Arnica represents the better wound healing results that contains various antiseptic and pain relieving elements. This article is fully informative about the various side effects of arnica montana pellets. 

Side Effects 

Governments are now- a -days concerned about the side effects and safety issues of Arnica tablets. It is likely to be prohibited to use it as a food ingredient in order to promote safety issues. It has been examined that high and extra dosages of arnica can be poisonous for health. The main side effect of Arnica Montana pellets is that it causes little irritation in the throat and mouth when it is taken by mouth.  It is also likely to cause vomiting, stomach pain, fasten heartbeat, and skin rashes. Numerous side effects of Arnica Montana tablets have been found which increases the blood sugar level, organ failure etc. High dosage of arnica can also lead to heart damage and increasing the possibilities of both internal as well as external bleeding which in turn causes death. 


  • Pregnancy : One should not take Arnica Montana by mouth in case of breast feeding or pregnancy. Consumption of Arnica during pregnancy is considered to be unsafe.
  • Injuries: One can use Arnica Montana tablets after injury by taking at least two tablets two times for few days. 
  • Surgery:  It is very much important to note that consumption of arnica might create the chances of extra bleeding during surgery and after the surgery. One should stop using Arnica at least two weeks prior to a planned surgery.
  • Broken skin: One should not apply arnica over their broken or damaged skin. This can create further troubles in its absorption. 
  • Digestion problem: Arnica is highly not recommended for those who suffer from digestion problems, ulcers, and severe stomach conditions or for any sort of Crohn’s disease. One  should be very much aware of the side effect of Arnica Montana pellets.
  • High Blood pressure: Arnica has the capacity to raise your blood pressure, So do not take arnica if you have a high blood pressure problem.

How to use arnica Montana 200ch dose

 You can take one dose of Arnica Montana 200ch depending on the severity of the injury. You can also dissolve one pellet in a water bottle by shaking it up to ten times. Take one sip at a time. This is the way how to use arnica Montana 200ch dose. This 200ch is a very high dose medicine so a patient needs to be very much careful while taking it as it may cause various side effects.  SBL Arnica Montana 200ch dosage is highly vigorous, so it can act as a helpful remedy to treat severe pain, hair fall treatment, joint paints, bleeding etc. 

Arnica Montana dosage after injury is very much effective to overcome from the various problems.  It helps the injured place to recover in a small time, the patient can use it for different purposes such as surgery, broken skin etc. There are several other dosage like 4CH, 5CH,7CH, 9CH, 15CH, 30CH. The patient needs to take such dosages based on the type of injury. Although there are various side effect of Arnica Montana pellets, one should not consume extra dosages of it.  Unless it’s a major injury, the patient can take low power of Arnica Montana that will help in preventing from the possible side effects. Generally it’s good to start from the low potency. It is advised that no one should consume high dosage of Arnica Montana without consulting the doctor or licensed homeopathic practitioner. 


From the above discussion it can be stated that there are various positive as well as negative aspects of Arnica Montana tablets. Arnica is used for various purposes like it is used to cure muscle pains, vision problems, stroke, for treating chapped lips, hair tonics and acne problems. But over-dosing of this medicine can also carry numerous side effects.

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