Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pains are extremely common in people with stagnant office lifestyles. In these painful times, the only way we can find a decent amount of relief is by spending time on ergonomically devised furniture. Sometimes people even have to admit themselves in a hospital because the position of the neck, shoulder, and back

Skin ageing Blog

Like any other part of your body, your diet directly affects the health of your skin. While having an unhealthy diet can lead to skin problems and accelerated skin ageing, having a healthy and skin friendly diet can lead to the healthy, glowing and younger looking skin. #1 Fruits Many fruits contain Vitamin C, A,

Humans as individuals have never truly realized that their mental health and physical health are connected. Your physical actions have an impact on your mental operations and vice versa. So naturally, if you are physically inactive, your thoughts and mind will also become stagnant. Scientists have discovered the benefits of exercising in people who are

Are you planning to go for Invisalign treatment? Having crooked teeth or oral health problems that lower your self-esteem, especially when you smile? As a patient, you must be feeling excited to finally have aligners, so you can have the perfect “Hollywood” smile. While you don’t need to master new oral cleaning techniques with the