Contribute to your surroundings

Activities that will keep you productive and positive during the Pandemic

These days because of the pandemic it has become a struggle to remain positive and also productive at the same time. The beginning of the year seemed like a nightmare and it took some of us quite some time getting used to the new norm. However, now that we feel like we have started getting a hang of the changes, some of us are now struggling to make the most out of time productively and also staying positive about the future. Most of us are lying in bed still wearing our comfortable and stretchy active wear wondering what we can do to feel better about ourselves.

If you feel like you have done all kinds of new things and still don’t know what made you happy then you are facing a harrowing reality that we have lived way too long as a robot following a routine blindly. And now that you have free time you don’t know what other things you can be capable of doing. This article is for you because we are sure you can find something from the below list to do. We are hoping you will find something you love so much you might take it up as your new hobby! And you won’t have to change out of those relaxing and lithe working out clothes either! 

1. Contribute to your surroundings

Sometimes any real happiness that we chase truly comes from helping others around us. So if you have spent way too many days just waking up and dragging yourself doing work from home then you really need to start doing other things around the house too. 

Involve yourself with others around you and take interest in the things they are doing. May be you can contribute with your partner and help them out with their tasks. You can also take it upon yourself to help your elders; we might not realize it but staying indoors can be especially hard for those who have very little activity to do as it is. Now they can’t go out for even the smallest chores without risking getting the virus. May be spending time with them can help them and you.

Volunteer online for any kind of social work you can find. This can be as simple as writing articles on subjects you excel in for various blogs. You can even help spread awareness online of various charities and NGO’s that are struggling because of the Covid. All in all if you started appreciating the work people do around you and contribute in some way, we are sure you will feel better.

2. Learn a new skill

Learn a new skill

It is never too late to take up a hobby or skill you were anxious to try before or just couldn’t find the time to do! This could be as simple as just trying to draw or paint! You don’t have to excel in it and that’s the best part! It’s just for you and your satisfaction only. 

May be there is an instrument you have been to learn, now is the best chance to do that! 

3. Take up online courses

Take up online courses

Just because you can’t leave your house should not mean that you have to stop learning and evolving. Most renowned universities give you the opportunity of taking up courses online and expanding on your intellect horizons. 

Taking up courses online will help you feel like you are hanging out with likeminded people who have similar interests as you too. Plus the feeling of learning something new and getting a diploma or a certificate at the end will feel like you have achieved something. And how can an added course look bad on your CV?

4. Read a book

Read a book

Reading can prove to be one of the most rewarding things that you can do with your time. It expands yours horizons and welcomes you to new worlds and new perspectives. Just learning about new things in the world just by through the palm of your hands can be so satisfying. 

5. Start Redecorating 

Start Redecorating

You might turn out to be a world-class interior designer if you just put your mind to it! Try redecorating your room and see what kinds of ideas you can come up with. There are videos and tutorials on the internet that can teach you anything from painting a wall to actually building your furniture at home! 

So what are you waiting for? There are endless opportunities for you out there. Don’t let the pandemic bring you down!

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