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6 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are So Popular?

Losing one or more of your natural teeth can make life difficult. It can pose challenges of both physical and psychological nature. If teeth are missing, this will hamper the ability to chew, eat and speak; on the other hand, it can dent the charms of smile and make the face appear sunken. In fact, people with missing tooth often lose confidence, avoid conversing with others and often lead a reclusive life. All this however is the thing of the past as dental implants have emerged a wonderful tooth replacement option for anyone. It can be trusted by people of any age group and gender.

Here are 6 reasons that make dental implants so popular –   

1. Next best thing to natural teeth

Dental implants are considered the next best thing to natural teeth. They look and feel like original teeth in the mouth. They function like the originals do and people often can’t distinguish between implants and natural teeth. More so, unlike dentures, they are comfortable to wear, don’t have any risk of slipping or falling out of the mouth ever. With implants, people can eat, chew, smile and carry themselves as confidently as they often do with their natural pearly whites in the mouth. This very naturalness is perhaps the best reason why they are so much popular.   

2. Durable and reliable beyond words  

Dental implants can last a lifetime. In most cases, they even easily outlast patients. With them, there is no need of constant repair or that finicky level of care or maintenance. Longevity is the hallmark of implants as once they are fitted into the jawbone, you are tension free for life. With little care, you can make implants outlive you. This very reliability is perhaps one of reasons why people trust this tooth replacement option more than anything else. That’s why implants are popular beyond words and beyond imagination for missing tooth.   

3. Great success rate

If you have a missing tooth, the dentist will first assess your dental health and then analyse medical record before confirming your suitability for dental implants. Not all people can go and get an implant straightaway as those with poor oral and overall health may not be that lucky. Which means, if the dentist is ready to do implant on you, you can expect success. People in good health can expect successful implants as implant technology and techniques have improved to a great level today. So, consult the dentist first and know your suitability first.

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4. Zero risk to adjacent tooth structure

Dental implants are largely a risk-free tooth replacement option. It does not require any preparation in the adjoining area neither does it need gums for treatment. Even if the procedure is surgical, this does never pose any risk to the tooth structure or gums in the mouth. Plus, patients can expect pain-managed treatment as dental technology has improved a lot over the years. Once implants are fitted into the jawbone, it will start providing anchorage and firm support to the teeth for a lifetime. This risk-free nature makes implants very popular for replacing missing tooth.

5. Improved ability to eat and chew

When someone loses a tooth, it affects their chewing and eating. This takes quality out of life. There will be food restrictions and one can’t relish favourite items as well. Dental implants can get rid of all this as they are anchored in the jawbone like natural teeth. They will help preserve the jawbone and minimize bone resorption. Once your missing tooth is replaced with implant, it will help restore your natural ability to eat and speak without facing any issue whatsoever. This is how your life will get back to normalcy.     

6. Restoration of smile and facial features

Dental implants help preserve bone and minimize bone resorption. With them, there will not be any bone deterioration, so any loss of jawbone height is completely ruled out. They also restore jawbone structure which in terms help maintain facial features. And when facial features are maintained, this can help restore the charms and dazzle of smile. So, book an appointment with a dentist Middle Village and maintain the beauty of your smile in an easy manner.

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