5 Proven benefits of Exercise in Depression Recovery

Humans as individuals have never truly realized that their mental health and physical health are connected. Your physical actions have an impact on your mental operations and vice versa. So naturally, if you are physically inactive, your thoughts and mind will also become stagnant.

Scientists have discovered the benefits of exercising in people who are recovering from depression after keeping this relation in mind. Exercise is a not a tool that can help you get rid of depression or cure it, instead, training is a catalyst that can help you from depression faster than before.

Studies and experiments are still being conducted that show that exercise can prove to be as useful for depression recovery as medication. We are not recommending that you begin exercising instead of taking your medication and visiting your doctor, we are asking you to take the two things along simultaneously, somewhat in the way people like marijuana for stress and depression along with their medication.

Here are the real benefits of exercise if you need to be convinced further:

Regulation of Hormones

When people say depression is all in our heads, it is a false statement because depression occurs because of actual, physical alterations in our brain. The most notable of these alterations is in our hormones. Hormones are responsible for many functions that take place in our body including emotions. When we are depressed, hormones, such as cortisol from the thyroid gland and estrogen increase in our body and cause depression and stress. Our primary goal is to reduce the levels of these hormones and increase levels of hormones that make us feel better, and this function is efficiently carried out by depression medication.

Scientists have found that other than these medicines, people can also benefit from exercise. When you exercise, your testosterone level goes up, and your estrogen level comes down. Other than that, all the cortisol that is causing you mental stress becomes occupied in helping you cope with the physical stress of exercise. Lastly, exercise also helps in releasing endorphins into the body. Endorphins are feel-good hormones that make us happy and can counter the effects of depression with ease.

Keeps You Productive and Distracted

The most prominent complaint that doctors hear from most patients with depression is that they sleep a lot. Sometimes the medication has a hand in putting the person to sleep, other times; the depression’s effects are so severe that the person has no motivation to get out of bed. Most therapists suggest that getting out of bed and being productive can keep the depression at bay by distracting the person from depressing thoughts. This feat is complicated to achieve in people who have no medical assistance, but in people who are actively trying to recover from depression, this suggestion can mean everything.

Most people who exercise routinely have a particular time in which they have to get things done, and it is usually in the morning. When you workout in the morning, your body prepares itself for activity for the rest of the day. Your metabolism shoots up, and you can be more productive than you would be without exercise. You are then able to muster up the energy to get through the tasks of the day and maybe even get done with a few extra chores.

Exercise itself is a distracting activity. Most people focus on the workout itself while exercising along with other thoughts that get the blood pumping. Regressive and depression thoughts flush out of your mind once you get in the zone and you are good to go for the rest of the day.

You Look Good; You Feel Good!

Depressed people usually have a massive problem with self-confidence. They pull themselves down a lot and feel inferior to other people very often. The depression also causes considerable lethargy because of which they do not bother working on their appearance either by doing the most basic things like taking a shower and putting on clean clothes. Depression often causes people to binge-eat and gain weight as well because of which they lose confidence in their looks even more.

Exercise helps in restoring a lot of that lost confidence by making you look good. Exercising regularly for even a single week can show you a significant difference in how you look. Taking a “before” picture to compare your progress with also helps a lot.

Once you notice that your body has toned, you will start to put in more effort on how you look, maybe you’ll even throw on some makeup and a lovely fragrance, and sometimes that is all you need to recover from depression.

Your Health Improves

Depression causes your health to decline as well. You start facing many issues like increased blood pressure, and your blood sugar and cholesterol might also shoot up because of your stagnant and sedentary lifestyle.

Since exercise is that holy-grail solution to all of these physical ailments, it goes without saying that you would feel better once you start recovering from these problems. Try to take note of your blood pressure and blood sugar daily so you can see a decrease gradually which will make you more confident in your regime.

You Remain Socially Sound

Depression also causes you to push people away from you and talking to strangers in this situation seems like a massive issue than a small notion.

This is where it will help you to join a gym for your daily exercise than get through it at home. You can meet new people and talk to them and maybe even make friends with them. If this routine seems like too much of an ordeal to you, you can start exercising at home first, build some confidence in yourself, and then hit the gym.

When you become more attractive, people also tend to talk to you and be friends with you. You might end up having some social obligations at the end of the day which will distract you from all depressing thoughts.

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